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Plant List

D S & B plant list.

CNC Milling
Mazak VTC 20B 4 axis CNC Vertical Milling Centre 1040mm x 510mm x 640mm
Mazak VTC 20C 3 axis CNC Vertical Milling Centre 1660mm x 510mm x 510mm
XYZ LPM 2 axis CNC Vertical Milling Centre 900mm x 500mm x 400mm
XYZ KRV3000 2 axis CNC Vertical Milling Machine 1000mm x 400mm x 400mm
CNC Turning
Mazak Quickturn 18M 4 axis CNC Turning Centre
with Live Tooling & Magazine
Bar feed
ø60mm Bar work 350mm x 300mm
Dugard Eagle 100 2 axis CNC Turning Centre
with Bar feed
ø45mm Bar work 45mm x 100mm
Dugard Eagle 300 2 axis CNC Turning Centre ø80mm Bar work 450mm x 700mm
XYZ Proturn 420 2 axis CNC Lathe ø80mm Bar work 250mm x 1200mm
Sheet Metal
HACO Press Brake CNC Folding up to 3 mt
HACO Guillotine Shearing up to 3 mt

Manual Machining

To compliment our range of CNC maching centres, we also have a range of manual lathes, mills and drills. Our Services also include welding of steel, stainless steel and aluminium. We manage subcontract processes, such as heat treatment, polishing and painting, spark erosion, wire erosion and grinding. This enables D.S.& B. Ltd to supply parts ready for production. We have a CMM inspection facility, together with first inspection reporting available.

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    Where to find us

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